“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. That is the true essence of beauty.” EI JIN KIM 

Hello, let me welcome you to my sanctuary, where you can  relax, unwind, and take your time to experience who I am. My name is Ei Jin Kim, and I am honoured that you have chosen to explore my little corner of the vast web. I am an exclusive, international courtesan and personal companion, residing in Toronto, Ontario.

I am a classic example of a study in contradiction. I am simple, yet complex. My presence can be commanding and bold, but I remain quiet and demure. Sensual and seductive, yet I exude an air of innocence and sweetness. My youthful appearance and demeanor hides an old soul. A picture of elegance and grace, you sense the passion and desire radiating from my very being. This mysterious and most wonderous of circumstance leads you deeper into my world, a secret place for just the two of us, full of beauty, delight and ecstasy. Akin to a geisha from Edo in feudal Japan, I am an artist, and healer, able to soothe your tired body, stimulate your mind, and relieve your stress, while revitalizing and invigorating your very essence.