Bio / Truly Ei Jin

Hello, my name is Ei Jin Kim, and I am an exclusive and selective courtesan based in Toronto, Ontario. Born and raised in Canada, I am proud to call Toronto home, but I have a special passion for travel, and love to circle the globe, in search of new adventures.

Upon meeting, you may mistakenly think of me as shy and quiet, but you soon discover that my quiet grace and dignity elevates me above the norm. Like the still surface of a tranquil lake at first dawn, my simplicity hides the depth of my passion and desire to enthrall, seduce, and ultimately deliver unfathomable pleasure to all your senses. Desire, need and wanting will echo through your very soul, at first sight of my petite, yet feminine figure. My playful and flirtatious smile, and naturally straight, dark brown hair that flows below my tiny waist, only serves to stoke the fires of your passion. Once you look into my deep, expressive, innocent, yet wanting, dark brown eyes, your heart and soul will be forever captured. I have often been called a living doll, due to my petite stature, porcelain-like complexion, and striking, doe eyes.

I am intelligent, university educated, and have a variety of interests from the arcane to the sublimely silly. I am truly a multi-faceted woman of varied skills and abilities.  Articulate and well-spoken, I love nothing more than to entertain thoughtful discourse, or witty banter over dinner as friends, or in bed as lovers. My keen intelligence and sharp wit, combined with my soft laugh and gentle voice, will instantly put you at ease. These qualities also make me an excellent companion for any social or business events, where you require an elegant and striking companion.

I believe in living life to it’s full potential, and I have a passion for learning, and take delight in gaining new knowledge, and acquiring new skills. I look forward to new experiences, and my ideal gentleman is one who can satisfy my natural curiosity, and passion for knowledge. I firmly believe in living my life by always moving forward, facing obstacles head on, and learning more about myself through these challenges. I love life, and I eagerly await my next adventure with a dashing and debonair gentleman of class and distinction.

My natural style of dressing tends towards the sensual and flirtatious, but I am always cognizant of my environment, and I stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons. I garner appreciative glances from both men and women alike, and can command a room with my combination of beauty, sophistication and presence.

If the situation calls for something more subdued, I will look spectacular in jeans and a sweatshirt, for a casual day of exploration, or a relaxing drive through cottage country. No matter what I am wearing, you can be assured I will always carry myself with grace, charm and elegance.

I appreciate that time is a valuable commodity, more so for a gentleman of class and distinction, who wishes to share some intimate moments together. I view this time we share as a gift, and as such, I will always treasure these precious memories. In return, I will offer you an unforgettable experience of the senses, sure to mesmerize and tantalize, long after the moment has passed. Subsequently, when you reflect upon our time together, you will feel excitement stir in your heart as  you relive the sensual union of our bodies and souls. The everchanging tapestry of sight, sound, touch and taste, soon envelopes and consumes you, and the ache of longing and desire permeates your soul, and won’t be sated until the next time we meet…

“A women who is truly awakened to her sensuality recognizes that she requires a more sophisticated presence.  She is not average, after all.” – Lebo Grand

Just A Glimpse

Age: 29

Height: 5’1”

Weight: 85lbs

Measurements: 32C – 23 – 32

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eyes: Dark Brown

Dress Size: 00

Shoe Size: 34

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam