Faq / Etiquette

Mariinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia

 Your pictures look amazing! Are they really you?

Yes, all my pictures and statistics on my site are recent, and accurately portray how I look at the moment. If you wish to see me in any of the outfits I am modeling in my pictures, just ask! To view more candid pictures of me and my date experiences, I invite you to my Twitter Page

What is the best method to contact you to book an appointment/ask a question?

The fastest, and most effective way to contact me is through my contact page, or via e-mail eijin@eijinkim.com. Once an engagement has been confirmed, a contact number will be provided.

Why may require a deposit or employment information to confirm our date?

Our time together is very important to me.  A deposit is beneficial in two ways.  It gives me the peace of mind that I require to fully relax and enjoy myself in your company. This level of contentment allows me to surrender myself to you completely, which leads to an unforgettable experience for us both. Rest assured that any information that you share will be for my eyes only, and the information will remain private and confidential.

A small deposit can be sent by e-transfer or e-gift cards through a non related email I will provide.  Wire transfers are accepted in USD only.  In the unlikely event that I must cancel our date, your deposit will be refund in full or can be applied to future dates.

Do you provide references?

As I value privacy and discretion, I do not accept or provide references.  I would appreciate to remain private with whom I have had the pleasure the spend time with.  I apologize for any inconvenience this many cause however your time together is special to me and I wish for it to be cherished by just the two of us.

I just confirmed my rendezvous with you. What can I expect from our date, and what services do you offer?

You can expect me to appear for our date dressed appropriately, reflecting the surroundings. My hair, make up, and overall appearance will be flawless. My gentle demeanour, calming aura, and flirtatious playfulness, will put you instantly at ease, and my captivating eyes will reflect the promise of the pleasures and bliss to come.

I do not view the companionship I offer as a service. The gentleman that chooses to begin an everlasting fantasy with me, is looking for more than a purely physical interaction. He is looking to form a lasting, emotional bond, based on mutual trust, attraction and intimacy. What you will experience is a true girlfriend experience, which is safe, drama free, and discreet. No matter if it is a few hours, or a few days, you will be enthralled by the experience. When we part company, our time spent together will be a precious memory that will echo through your very being.

I really want to see you today. Are same day appointments available?

I am flattered that you wish to see me immediately, but my personal and professional life, combined with my school schedule, do not allow same day appointments. I do ask for a minimum 48 hours notice, and I greatly appreciate as much advanced notice as possible.  Pre-booking is always highly recommended.

I had a great experience, and I want to write a review to share with others.

I am very happy that you enjoyed our experience, but as I am a naturally shy and private person, I do not believe in the sharing of our most intimate details in public, for all to view. I feel that publishing details of our engagement diminishes the experience, and the emotional and physical bond that we created together. I hope that you feel that our time spent together was special, and that the experience should remain intimately personal. I believe a true gentleman does not disclose any intimate details between a man and woman in public, and I ask that you respect my No Review Policy, I exercise the utmost discretion in regards to all my gentlemen and our engagements, and I only ask to be extended the same courtesy.

I really enjoy spending time with you. Is it possible to see you socially “off the clock”?

I receive requests to go for dinner, attend an event, or just “hang out” from a few of my gentlemen. I truly enjoy the time we spend together, but as a professional companion, I do require compensation for my time in all circumstances. If you wish to see me in a social setting, please contact me for further details and rates.