Our sanctuary

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

As I hope you appreciate me, I keep my engagements limited to ensure a greater appreciation of our time together. These are the moments I truly treasure, and therefore take great care in preparing myself, both physically and mentally for our rendezvous.  Pre-booking is highly recommended.

My rates reflect my commitment to providing an exceptional courtesan/geisha experience, and as such, are non-negotiable. The following rates are for engagements within the Toronto area. If you are located outside Toronto, please see my Travel section for further information.

An Introduction to Seduction

The perfect way to introduce ourselves, and get acquainted. Two non-rushed hours building chemistry, getting accustomed to one another, and establishing a connection. This is also the perfect choice for the busy, on the go gentleman.

2,000 (2 hours)

3,000 (3 hours)

Sensual Evening Mist

My personal favourite! The perfect romantic evening, and a great way to cap off the work week, or welcome the weekend. I love sharing a delicious meal…French perhaps?, some playful banter, and ending the evening with an unhurried, sensual exploration of our desire.

3,000 (4 hours) 

Passionate Morning Dew

You stir from a deep, restful slumber content and sated. Your eyes trace the outline of my petite form next to you, and your mind wanders back to the memories of the previous evening. Was it fine dining and drinks under the stars, with a slow and erotic retreat to the bedroom, before drifting off to sleep? Perhaps it was delicious take out, followed by movie night cuddling on the couch, and a sensuous and passionate disquisition before letting sleep take us away? The choice is yours, we have the entire evening to ourselves. Over breakfast as we sip our coffee, will we be planning our next great adventure together?

5,000 (12 hours, day trip or overnight) 

Let Me Captivate You

An entire day to ourselves, to spend as you please. Will we spend it indoors, or in the city, searching for a new place to explore. Perhaps a drive through Muskoka, before heading back for a romantic dinner? The possibilities are endless, your enjoyment my priority.

8,000 (24 hours), 4,000 each additional day

Social Date

I also make an exquisite and superlative companion for social events where you might require a graceful, elegant, and striking accompaniment. I am at home in any social situation, and will add a dash of glamour and sophistication to your event. Think of me as the final accessory that completes your look. If you are interested in such an arrangement, please contact me for further details.

500 (1 hour), minimum 2 hours 

Additional Information

All honorarium is payable by cash, and I find it very sweet if it is left in a unsealed envelope and placed in a clear visible place upon my arrival.  In public settings please place in a gift bag or greeting card in its envelope and hand to me in the beginning of our date.

In the unfortunate event that you must cancel or amend the timing or date of our engagement, please provide  me with as much notice as possible, and I will attempt to make arrangements to schedule another time and/ or calendar date. I do require a minimum 24 hours notice for any amendments. If you cancel our date with less than 48 hours notice, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required for the next future booking.

Once we have shared some enjoyable moments together, some gentlemen may wish to see me on a regular basis. I am truly flattered, and find no greater compliment, when a gentleman wishes to introduce me into his sanctuary. In this regard, weekly or monthly engagements can be arranged, and I would love to discuss this arrangement in greater detail at a time that suits your schedule. Please note that gentlemen with pre-arranged engagements will take priority over new interests.

Ho Chi Minh. Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam