Fly me to you


Pushkin, Russia


I love to travel, it is one of my passions in life. I am available to accompany you on your business trip, or partake in an intimate and romantic getaway. I adore being swept away to a distant locale, or exciting new culture, by a special gentleman. The chance to immerse ourselves, and explore the contexture of a foreign venue, is a always a treat when you are able to share this experience with someone special. A day of absorbing the local sights and sounds, followed by an evening of slowly exploring the depths of our passion and desire, make for some lasting memories.

Memories that make me smile

  • Enjoying wild Russian caviar overlooking the canals of St. Petersburgs, Russia.  Enriching ourselves with Russian culture, traditions and it’s magnification palaces.
  • Driving down the English country side, not knowing what is beyond the narrow roads and lush green hedges.
  • Overlooking the busy streets of Hanoi, Vietnam, with a delicious cup of egg coffee.
  • Evening adventure in Amsterdam ordering dinner from a vending machine and admiring the architecture.
  • Camel rides along the rich seashell beaches of Dubai and experiencing exotic Arabian culture under the tantalizing moonlight.
  • The shock and giggles of endless cheese and dessert carts as we check off the Michelin Three Star establishments of Paris.  Each ambiance is what dreams are made of.
  • Chef Masa preparing deity portions to satisfy both my slim figure and unrealistic appetite in New York City.
  • Learning the art of driving manual in a 1969 Alfa Romeo on the mountainous roads outside Vancouver.
  • When the world stood still as we laid our slights upon the beauty of Lake Louise, Canada.
  • Private fishing in Tofino, Canada as a mother dolphin and her calf emerge for air.  Laughing hysterically when we realize sea lions have been stealing our prize salmons of the day.

“Because you are my muse, because you have given me the strength, to speak the feelings that I feel, and the wonderful realization that this world has someone like you.  Because you fire up my imagination and enrich my experience.  Because you sharpen my creativity and define my being.  Because you bring meaning to my life.  But more importantly, because you gave me the one compelling reason why this world is a marvellous place to be.” – To my dearest gentlemen. 


  • First or business class round trip airfare and accommodations will be covered by you.
  • 30% deposit to reserve this time for us and confirm our date
  • Please contact me personally for more bespoke extended dates.

Dinner date 4,000USD

Day trip or overnight 6,000USD

One day 10,000USD, add 4,000USD each additional day 


Lamarck University, Vietnam
Catherine’s Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia